The Creative Axis group provides a level of multi-disciplinary services that extends our offering to a range of industrial companies such as packaging, food and beverage industries across the African Continent.

With fresh, innovative and intelligent management solutions, our project management as well as complimentary services, suits both brown-field and green-field projects.

We provide a fully-integrated turnkey service to clients, from inception to reality. Collaborating with the client from a project charter, to cost and feasibility analysis, developing an operational readiness plan, from front end though to back end engineering, coordination and planning, the latest software to provide all stakeholders with efficient minute by minute updates. From Capex run meetings to contractual milestones, we keep the client intimately informed. We pride ourselves on management control tools and mechanisms that are not only the latest in the industry, but support our experts on the ground.

As a 100% African focused company, we specialize in turnkey solutions, innovative management, partnerships and collaborative methods to service our clients’ needs.