The importance and benefits of green building

In a world exhausting our natural resources, green building has become the ethical “in-thing” in an attempt to save our planet from despair. This, however, can only be achieved through a concerted effort by architects, engineers and construction companies – and of course, the support of the concerned citizen.

The numerous benefits that green building holds, is a further justification for going green. These include the following:

1.Environmental benefits

The most important benefit of green building is that which it offers to our environment. It positively influences our climate and overall ecosystem by reducing water use and energy sources that pollute our environment, such as coal and carbon dioxide discharged into the atmosphere. Green building not only decreases water wastage, but preserves natural resources, defends biodiversity and enhances our air and water quality.Green building also reduces your carbon footprint by producing less waste and decreasing the amount of toxic gases set free into the air. In this way, the pace of climate change is slowed down, and a positive contribution to saving our environment is made.

2.Cost efficiency and economic benefits

Saving the environment actually saves you money. It provides you with several economic and cost effective benefits. These include decreased operating costs, enhanced occupant efficiency and savings on tenant utility bills. Moreover, it enhances your return on assets and profits due to your savings in operating costs. Lastly properties that are green built, require lower maintenance costs as they are built from sustainable components which in turn adds value to the property.

3.Health benefits

Going green means building away bad toxins and having the ability to breathe in fresh, clean air. Having a good indoor environment protects the tenant’s health and enhances their quality of life by avoiding serious illnesses induced by the inhalation of toxic substances. An improved indoor quality not only safeguards your life, but it can also strengthen employee productivity. Employees working in clean and green built properties tend to have better concentration and focus capabilities, improving their work performance.


It is important to know that going green does not entail a compromise of your current lifestyle or comfort. The advantages of green building extend far beyond finances and the ecosystem; it benefits people on a social level. People are healthier and enjoy an improved quality of life. Employees are more productive as they work in a cleaner and better working environment. Finally, the cycle concludes as the increased productivity leads to a better economy. As Creative Axis acknowledges significance and urgency of green building, we offer workshops for Green Star, EDGE and LEED certifications. Going green is not only the “in-thing”, it is the responsible thing.




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